Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Theatre "Katia Dandoulaki"

Katia Dandoulaki Theatre

Patision and Ayiou Meletiou Sts, Athens, 
since 1995

Katerina Thanou (1952-)

The late modern theatre of Katia Dandoulaki resulted from the creative remodelling of the third floor of a commercial complex of entertainment halls built in the 1960s. In particular, the 1000 m2 area of the Superstar Theatre was completely remodelled. It is a work by the gifted architect Katerina Thanou, graduate of the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris. Through its evocative atmosphere and simplicity, it expresses the demands of the distinguished actress Katia Dandoulaki for quality in theatrical productions. The theatre was designed with knowledge, economy of resources and good taste so as to suggest the presence of the architect rather than imposing it.
The theatre proper has 500 stalls on an inclined level and a stage 200 m2 with a revolving section which offered the possibility of multiple uses. The foyer, with an area of 250 m2, is on two levels and includes a bar, bookshop, lounge and a small exhibition area in the loft.
The desired aesthetic simplicity has been achieved through the plasticity of the architectural forms and the use of simple and rough materials like metal, wood and decorative bricks.
The range of blue and black colours, in conjunction with the appropriate lighting, lends the area an evocative atmosphere, while the foyer is enlivened by ochre tones.*

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